Tama Energy Campus


Tama Ethanol LLC - 100MMGY Facility

Tama Ethanol LLC will be the first business to be developed in the Tama Energy Campus, and the first Ethanol plant in the Tama, Iowa Township.


With a large amount of available corn grown in the area, and various key businesses nearby, Tama Ethanol is set to be a highly successful plant, and a valuable member of the community. Our new Renewable Energy Campus is expected to attract partners who will develop additional renewable energy technologies, such as Bio-Algae derived fuel & others.

Tama Ethanol has been in the development stages for some time. It will be the anchor business in the new Energy Campus. We plan to begin development of the energy campus upon finalizing our funding effort, production approximately 24 months later.

Tama Ethanol LLC - 100MMGY Facility
Tama, Iowa

Located 70 miles NE of Des Moines, IA in an area serviced by the Union Pacific Railroad