Community Impact


The impact from a 100 mmgy ethanol plant on the economics of the local community is immense. Beyond the direct job creation and infusion of dollars into the local economy, peripheral job creation and economic growth is substantial. It will also create a market for an additional 15 million bushels of locally produced corn.

If investors are local, dividends also create local economic growth and an increase in lifestyle in the community. NPPD (Nebraska Public Power District) reports that a typical 40 million gallon ethanol plant will generate the following economic activity:

• The plant will provide a one-time boost of $71 million to the local economy during construction.

• The plant will expand the local economic base of the community by $70.2 million each year through the direct spending of $58 million.

• The plant will create at least 33 full-time jobs at the plant and a total of at least 120 jobs throughout the local economy.

• The plant will increase household income for the community by $6.7 million annually.