About Alpha Holdings, LLC

Alpha Holdings, LLC was founded by Christopher Miller, an American business developer, to create new opportunities in renewable energy. After much research and discussion with partners in the field, the decision was made to to build two new Bio-Fuel Renewable Energy Campuses in the Tama and Dexter township areas of Iowa. Chris is the managing member and decision maker for the projects. The remaining interests are held mostly by farmers and community members from the surrounding Dexter and Tama areas of Iowa. Development of the plants is expected to begin immediately after financial close and production 24 months later.

Chris Miller’s background and strengths play well into successfully driving these projects to completion. After serving as a pilot in the US Army, he flew for major US oil companies in the Middle East. Chris founded, chaired and served several terms as President of the American Business Group Abu Dhabi, to whom the Embassy referred the US Fortune 500 companies. He ran a successful aviation business managing over 1000 employees while running other enterprises in the Middle East for over 25 years before returning to the Lake Tahoe area several years ago to start his current project in renewable energy. As a visionary leader with hands-on executive, Chris has a proven track record of developing profitable businesses.

His investment company, Alpha Holdings LLC, is working with BBI International of Denver Colorado, ICM Inc. of Colwich Kansas, U.S. Energy Services Inc. of Wayzata, Minn., and additional partners in the effort to develop these projects. Miller said that his experience in the Middle East convinced him that ethanol & renewable fuels will play an important role in world energy needs, and that the timing is right to develop these projects. A national search for optimal sites for ethanol plants led Mr. Miller to Tama and Dexter in 2006.