Technology and Tradeoffs


At Alpha Holdings we are acutely aware of the world's need for food and therefore are producing co-products that do not diminish the fuel for food balance. Alpha has a global approach to bio-energy to make use off all the potential co-products to let nothing go to waste.

Our Ethanol plants will use 90% less natural gas than previous facilities by integrating a bio-mass boiler and using a proven fractionation process, they will sequester their CO2, and be eligible for “Carbon Green Credits”.

Our new Renewable Energy Campuses will include Cellulosic to Ethanol conversion creating more fuel by further refining of our own bi-products.

These Renewable Energy Campuses are the first of their kind, integrating technology that is proven in the field and now incorporated into a single facility qualifying the facilities as GREEN and generating significant Carbon Green Credits. We believe they represent the future for Bio-Fuel Renewable Energy Production.

Some of the key technologies we will be bringing in will include:

  • Front-end Fractionation
  • Celulosic Ethanol
  • Wind & Solar
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Other Co-Product and Related-Product developments
  • Algae Production