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About Ethanol

Technology and Tradeoffs




Our Mission Statement:

At Alpha Holdings, LLC we believe that renewable energy is a positive force both for our economy and for the environment. We also believe that the time is right to move forward now with the latest and most efficient state-of-the-art renewable fuel technology. It is our goal to create better fuels, made in America.

We are managing the development of two new Renewable Energy Campuses:
   At Tama IA, and at Dexter IA.  

We will be working with many partners to bring in and develop key new renewable energy technologies to improve our business success, our economy, and the environment.

Some of the key technologies we will be bringing in will include:

• Front-end Fractionation • Bio-Mass Energy Extraction
• Celulosic Ethanol • Carbon Sequestration
• Other Co-Product and Related-Product developments